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Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace

Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace

These are currently the three dominant platforms, and for good reason. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses. I often have people approach me for help after a project is underway. I can certainly help get a project back on track but I’d thoroughly recommend getting me in earlier in the process.

Without the costs of running a full blown agency, I’m able to remain nimble and crazy competitive on price.
For larger projects and specific requirements, Wordpress is still the world leader. 

Website construction starting at $2495 

Annual local hosting: Business $220 
Corporate $320
For selling products or services online Shopify has everything built in for you to get selling straight away. 

Website construction starting at $1495 

Annual Shopify fees: 

Basic $480 
Pro $1320
Squarespace is a favourite for those who’d like a beautiful site that’s easy to manage at a great price. 

Website construction starting at $1295 Annual 

Squarespace fees:

Personal: $220
Business: $440